The Art of ‘Selfie” Taking

Taking photos of oneself using electronic devices and especially the smart phone, popularly referred to as the ‘selfie’ is in vogue mostly among the youth and tech savvy people who are photogenic. It is something that has influenced even the electronic gadget makers that they have their gadgets specifically customized for the selfies. App makers have created a number of applications that make it easy and convenient to take quality self photos. Some hints can come in handy for those who have not yet tried ‘selfies’ or want to better their photos.

Choose a phone that has cameras positioned to help one on this. Front facing cameras come in handy when one wants to take own photos. There are smart phones with powerful cameras on both sides of the phone that can help one take good and clear photos. Some brands such as the Samsung J-series even have front facing camera- flash. One can use the camera even in low light situations as the flash will make it come out better depending on how well the room or place is lit. Front facing cameras are easy to control in terms of the focus as they enable one see their image on the screen and thus choose the best pose. Also, there are some phones which have timers for the cameras and are also compatible with the various device stands. One can set the camera or phone on the stand, pose and set the time for a perfect shot. This is especially handy when there are many people to be in the photo including the photographer himself.

A selfie stick is another option available to the selfie enthusiast. It is an adjustable ‘stick’ customized to hold the smart phone or device with the camera at a length and take shots easily on the touch of a button conveniently set at one end of the handle. With a front facing camera, one can take shots from the front, back or even the top and can adjust the ‘stick’ so that the best scene and all that need to be in the photo is actually captured. The view and size of the photos are determined by the photographer. Again, the final product can be further enhanced if the photo taking gadget has the required applications to add effects to the photo and/ or edit it.

A selfie drone is another option available for use by the selfie enthusiast. Dobby is an example of a selfie drone by Zerotech Technology Company. It is a pocket sized drone that enables one take photos from various angles and positions in the air. It uses a smart phone as its remote control. One controls the movement and photo taking from the smart phone. Dobby can be made to ‘track’ the target while taking a burst of photos. The photographer controls the size, angle and number of photos to be taken as viewed on the smart phone cum remote control. The drone creates a hotspot where it gets connected to the phone through wifi. This gives one a taste of virtual reality embedded into photography. Some selfie drones like Ghost drone enable a user to see everything the camera ‘sees’ though VR goggles that are compatible with the drone.

It is time that one is to try selfie taking, if never tried before or try new experiences if already an enthusiast. There is still so much ground to be covered with the selfies and technology makes the experience even more exciting, intelligent and worth the time. It is an art that gets perfect with time and a little help from technology.